Art Show

We had a great year, with more artists and more attendees than ever before.
We had 1457 for-sale and 43 not-for-sale originals, and 2139 copies of 457 prints, on 123 panels and 26 tables. Of these, we sold 398 originals and 568 prints for a total of $30,753 plus tax. Out of 91 artists with work for sale, 79 sold work.
Sales per panel ranged from $0 to $650 with a median of $100 and an average of $206.40. Original sold piece prices ranged from $2 to $2000 with a median of $25 and an average of $51.39. Print sold piece prices ranged from $1 to $120 with a median of $15 and an average of $17.98. Artist checks were mailed on February 17.

Located in the Harbor Ballroom on the east side of the Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel, Arisia's art show will feature work by our Artist Guest Stephanie Law and 94 other artists, hung salon style on 500 linear feet of portable wall space. Subject matter includes science fiction, fantasy, space, and other speculative subjects, in a wide variety of media. Most work is for sale, and prints are available of many works.

The entry period for the Art Show space lottery is over, but we are still accepting waiting list entries. There is a small hanging fee, but no commission is charged on sales. Unlike most other science fiction convention art shows, sales at Arisia 2017 will be at fixed price only. More information is available on the rules and fees page.

Arisia Art Show 2016 sales statistics are available on the 2016 website.

Art Show Hours:
Friday, January 13
noon to 5pm: Artist Check-in
6pm to 9pm: OPEN
Saturday, January 14
10am to 6pm: OPEN
7pm-8pm: open for mobility aid users only
8pm to 10pm: OPEN
Sunday, January 15
10am to 6pm: OPEN
7pm to 9pm: Artist Check-out
Monday, January 16
10am to noon: Final Pick-up and Artist Check-out

We gave the following awards:
Author Guest's Choice: Kristina Carroll, Minotaur
Artist Guest's Choice: Jennifer Lewis, The World
Fan Guest's Choice: David Lee Pancake, Puff
Directors' Choice: Herman James, Mother of All Birds
Convention Chair's Choice: Dierdre Thacker, Clockwork Owl
Popular Choice 2D: Lori Del Genis, Hope
Popular Choice 3D: Scott Lefton, Pitcher Plant Lamp
Best In Show: Stephanie Law, Awakened

Artists exhibiting at Arisia '17 included:

Tristan AlexanderFantasy and SciFi realistic paintings and Japanese inspired
Ashley Almeida
Julia AusteinIllustrations of characters
E. J. BarnesCartoons and Illustrations in various media and genres
Alan F. BeckFantasy Mice, Science Fiction, Robots, Dragons
Michelle BehrBeaded jewelry, sculptures, dream catchers & wearable art
Lee BoundyOverly dramatic fantasy scenes
Armand CabreraImaginative impressionism
Kristina CarrollImaginative Realism, Figurative and Symbolist themes
Victoria ChapmanFlowing, spiritual, and nature-oriented watercolors
Rachel ChasteenHandmade sci-fi inspired plushies, costumes, and crafts
Sarah ClemensFantasy art, realistic, Magnus and Loki series
LJ CohenHand built and wheel thrown functional ceramics
Daniel CortopassiMostly sci-fi/fantasy cat themed prints
Christopher Michael CreathSurrealist painting, with a propensity for whimsy
Dene Crystal / potterphile3Harry Potteresque jewelry. Miniature recreations. Rubber duckies.
Kat CuseoWatercolor paintings of popular and original characters
Charlene Taylor D'AlessioHumorous, Acrylics, Fantasy/SF Cats, Hamsters, Dragons, Owls
Lori Del GenisRealistic graphite and soft pastel portraits of fan favorites
Wendy EllertsonStory-filled Sculptural leather figures and accessories
Sara FelixRobots and jewelry
Meg FrankFantastical and astronomical fine art
Geek CalligraphyCalligraphy art prints and greeting cards
Deb GeislerHand-made beaded jewelry
Melissa GlickBold colorful 3D collage made from old computer parts
Brett GrayDark surrealism, charcoal on paper
Mike GreenbergDigital Drawing
Carol HansonVarious media
Lisa HertelPottery, watercolors, encaustics, mixed media and more
Butch HoneckBronze fantasy sculpture
Heidi Hooper
Joyce JacksonOriginal Fantasy art, art prints, coloring book, jewelry
herman jamesPop-Surreal painting and drawing
Paul JayMixed reverse print/paint
Jelizaspace inspired whimsical jewelry and art
I. S. KallickFanta, Folklore and Children's illustration and painting
Andrew KaufmanMathematically inspired digital prints
KittenMintDesignsLasercut wood work & caligraphy on mixed mediums
Ryan KlemekProvocative Sci-Fi and Fantasy
Johnna KlukasUseful and use-empty SF&F-themed sculptures in wood
Gretchen LaiseFelt wearables and decorative items
Stephanie LawSurreal otherworlds, populated by dreamlike figures, masked creatures, and winged shadows
Scott LeftonDigital photographic fantasy art and sculptural art
Jennifer LewisSmall illustratiave paintings of Grimm beasties
Julia Burns LibermanWhimsical abstract watercolor cityscapes
LubovThe art of the fantastic - fantasy, phantasmagoric.
Amanda MakepeaceFantasy art, inspired my nature and myth.
Max MartelliFantasy / Horror Illustration, Portraits and Fine Art
Theresa MatherFantasy subjects in acrylic and colored pencil
Diane M. Mathieson
Patricia McCrackenJapanese inspired watercolors
Erika McGinnisScience fiction art with a touch of surreal fantasy.
Valerie McGreevyMagical and whimsical small sculpture & art for everyday use
V McMicanColorful, design-influenced screenprints and illustration
Rachel MelloOil on hardboard cut to silhouetted shapes
Hannah J. MerchantComics & illustration focusing on humor & older fandoms
Alexander MerkelSteampunk necklaces and charms
Christopher R. MindlePop surrealism or fantasy in oil and acrylic
Christine MitzukA mix of realism and fantasy. Oils, digital, or pencil
Heather M MorrisPop culture hand-distressed fine art painting
Sarah "Tashari" MorrisonFantasy illustration
Erika MortonPhotography
Lee Moyer
Michelle MrowkaFantasy, oil on masonite or aluminum composite panel
Teal NewcombNature inspired fantasy art
Anne NydamRelief block prints that celebrate the realms of imagination
Margaret Organ-KeanWhimsical and Fantastical Watercolors
OtterAn eclectic collection of Westpunk & Spiritual Native
Paisley Peacock Body ArtsVictorian paper quilling in fannish designs and jewelry
David Lee PancakeFantasy sculptures and prints
pecanPaintings of Toys in SPAAAaaace!
Eli PortmanPen and ink landscapes
The Fantastical PuppetariumArtistic handmade puppets and marionettes
RocketLarge duct tape models of Science Fiction spaceships
Catherine RoopFantasy art in pen, pencil, paint, & digital media
Karen RoopFantasy art prints with animals (both mythical and real)
Kimball M. RudeenRepurposed steampunk themed items
Catalina RufinWatercolor paintings of modern fairies and astronauts
Carol SalemiSteampunk, fantasy and sci-fi themed collaged jewelry
Maia B W SandersScaly creatures of fantastic origin, of all types
Ruth Sanderson
Sandra SanTaraVisionary, symbolic, tribal fantasy and animal art
Diane E SeilerEnamel on copper, raku fired clay: sculpture, vessels, flat
Michael SharrowSometimes fascinating, sometimes bizzare, here's an artist with a sense of humor
SiegeFantastic Faeries with a Modern Twist
Jess SteytlerPop culture designs on upcycled objects polymer clay & tins
T. M. OriginalsDistinctive wearable art that stands out in a crowd
Kendra TornheimWire and hand-colored brass jewelry featuring antique keys
Joan TurnerVarious media
andyvanoverbergheHigh detail fine art ink illustrations on wood and stone
Mercy Van VlackCeltic art, Comic Book art, Celtic and nature jewelry
Ursula VernonAward-winning author, illustrator, and creator of oddities
Rachel WinklerHand woven bracelets
Raelinda WoadMagical miniature books and enchanted etched glass earrings
Dan ZDollar Bill Origami