Schedule, Reports & Printables

As we get closer to the convention, this page will have copies of Arisia's Progress Reports (click on the button on the left to subscribe), online schedule, at-con newsletter, ...

Progress Reports - Schedule - Restaurant Guide - Mobile Apps - At-Con Newsletter

Souvenir Book

You can preview the Souvenir Book (PDF 8MB) online.

Restaurant Guide

We have a brand new restaurant guide (PDF 13 MB) for Arisia'17.

Arisia Progress Reports and Newsletters

To subscribe to the Progress Reports, use the signup box in the menu on the left or click here.


Pocket Program

Generated: 2017-01-03
The mobile versions of the Pocket Program will be continue to be updated.

HTML Schedule (web pages)

Generated: 2017-01-03

Mobile Versions of the Schedule

KonOpas and Guidebook are the two options available for mobile access to the schedule. Both work on your phone and your desktop computer and can share your favorites between multiple devices—try them and see which you prefer.


KonOpas can be found at

Konopas uses your web browser to display its information, so it should work with all computers and smart phones. It stores the information locally so you do not need an Internet connection to use it, except to get updates.

The KonOpas server checks for schedule updates every 15 minutes. If updates are available, the "Reload Data" button will appear (you can also use your browser's reload button, but the KonOpas Reload button will only download the files that have changed).

[At the Westin, there is free WiFi in the hotel lobby.]

KonOpas is a freely available, open source application. It was written by Eemeli Aro. Arisia thanks Eemeli for his contribution and for the customizations he made for Arisia.


You can view Arisia's schedule online at (scroll down for the "Web" button).

If you create an account, you can share your favorite events between both your computer and your phone.

To get download Guidebook to your Android or iOS phone

  1. Install the Guidebook app from:
  2. Click on "Download Guides"
  3. Search for "Arisia" (or search by date)
  4. Wait one beat to let both the new and old Arisia guidebooks show up,
  5. Click on "Arisia 2017"


Newsletters will be printed once or twice a day and will be available at various locations around the hotel. They'll also be uploaded to this page.

If you would like to submit something for publication, send it to, or drop it off at the Info Desk, Ops, or in the Newsletter office in Frost (next to the pool on the Mezz).