GoH Bios

Author Guest: Ursula Vernon

photo - Ursula Vernon

Ursula Vernon is the author and illustrator of "Nurk," "Digger," and a number of other projects. The daughter of an artist, she spent her youth attempting to rebel, but eventually succumbed to the siren song of paint (although not before getting a degree in anthropology.) Her work has been nominated for an Eisner award, received the Junior Library Guild Premier Selection and Ursa Major awards, as well as a number of Webcomics Choice Awards, and a mention in the New York Times, which she did not get tattooed to her forehead, despite her mother’s insistence.

Story and the Mythopoeic Award in 2013. Her story "Jackalope Wives" won the Nebula for Best Short Story and the WSFA Small Press Award in 2015, and is nominated for a World Fantasy Award.

Ursula grew up in Oregon and Arizona, went to college at Macalester College in Minnesota, and stayed there for ten years, until she finally learned to drive in deep snow and was obligated to leave the state.

In addition to writing and making art, Ms. Vernon gardens, feeds the birds, and has an unhealthy obsession with mulch.

Her current project is the "Hamster Princess" series of books for kids. She writes for adults under the pen name T. Kingfisher.

Having moved across the country several times, she eventually settled in Pittsboro, North Carolina, where she works full-time as an artist and creator of oddities. She lives with her husband, a beagle and a small collection of cats.

Coming out in January 2017! The Halcyon Fairy Book by T. Kingfisher (the pseudonym of Ursula Vernon, Arisia's Writer GOH, when writing for grownups).

A collection of fairy tales annotated by T. Kingfisher and the complete Toad Words anthology.

Artist Guest: Stephanie Law

photo - Stephanie Law
Photo credit: Sandra Buskirk

Stephanie Law's work is an exploration of mythology mixed with her personal symbolism. Her art journeys through surreal otherworlds, populated by dreamlike figures, masked creatures, and winged shadows. The fantastical permeates through the visions, and you get a sense that this is a world that underlies our own, when viewed with a desire for beauty, and a shifted perception for the potential within the kernel of all.

Archetypes, the basis for the universal appeal of mythological concepts, are one of the defining inspirations for her imagery. This is mingled with the movement of dance. Stephanie has been a dancer for almost two decades, and she uses that experience of how the human body moves and emotes to create a bridge into her artwork so that not only do the humans dance across the page, but the very branches of her trees seem to move with a sinuous grace, and the arrangement of inanimate elements has a choreographed rhythm and flow.

She began her illustration career working with many fantasy gaming companies. Early on, she did pieces for Wizards of the Coast in Magic: the Gathering and Forgotten Realms, as well as with Skotos Tech (Castle Marrach), White Wolf (Changeling), Alderac Entertainment (Legend of Five Rings), and Green Ronin (Blue Rose). She also worked with publishing companies LUNA Books,Tachyon Books and Palazzo Editions.

In 2004, she embarked on a more personal long term project of what eventually was released in 2009 as The Shadowscapes Tarot, by Llewllyn Publishing. The tarot was an ideal melding of her fantasy experience with her desire for exploring archetypes and mythology. Since then, she has worked with Llewellyn Publishing on other projects, including an astrological calendar and an herbal guide. She currently has a new deck in the works, called the Dreamdance Oracle. She is also known for her series of watercolor technique books, "Dreamscapes", published through Impact Books, showing anyone how to pick up pencil and brush and embark on their own explorations into painting fantastic worlds and the creatures that inhabit them.

Her recent work features insects, imaginative plants, and fae creatures, interwoven into a miniature world that is often overlooked, when size and physical permanence is equated with importance.

When not painting into the twilight hours, she can be found dancing, playing on her handpan or piano, and introducing her six year old daughter to the hidden beauties of the world.

Radio Guest: Krypton Radio

photo - Krypton Radio logo Krypton Radio plays an eclectic mix of music from the entire spectrum of nerd culture. We also play old time radio serials, and even have geek DJ's. We're the only station in the world that plays music the fans make themselves. We have geek-centric talk shows, radio dramas and a ton of geek tunes. It's all family safe, so yes, if you're a kid, or are old enough to have kids, everybody can listen.

The station was created by Gene Turnbow and friends who, in 2009, wanted a geek radio station to listen to while gaming. Unable to find one, they made their own. Today it's the best loved science fiction format radio station on Earth, reaching tens of thousands of listeners and readers each month, in 123 countries around the world.

Fan Guest: Greykell Dutton

photo - Greykell

Greykell went to her 1st convention in 1976 at age 15, and has been a regular congoer ever since, including her first Arisia which was, coincidentally, the first Arisia.

She has been labeled A Cult of Personality by her friends and is honoured to be the FGoH at Arisia 2017, and hopes that everyone will enjoy the fun as enthusiastically as she intends to.