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Arisia 2017 Schedule, by Area

Arisia 2017 Schedule, by Area

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Friday 2:00pm Free! High Speed! Starting Days
Friday 3:51pm Yuri!!! On Ice
Friday 8:50pm ServAmp
Saturday 1:35am Hibike! Euphonium
Saturday 7:06am Fruits Basket
Saturday 1:00pm Studio Ghibli
Saturday 2:30pm Pokemon versus Digimon
Saturday 5:30pm Tales of Zestiria the X
Saturday 5:30pm Sports Anime and Manga
Saturday 10:00pm Anime That Time Forgot
Saturday 10:30pm Bungou Stray Dogs
Sunday 7:30am Charlotte
Sunday 10:00am A Parent’s Guide to Anime and Manga
Sunday 11:30am Mecha Anime—A Defining Genre
Sunday 1:00pm Gender and Sexual Identity in Anime and Manga
Sunday 1:05pm Magi: Sinbad no Bouken
Sunday 2:30pm The Future of Anime Conventions
Sunday 4:00pm Mythology in Anime and Manga
Sunday 5:30pm Magical Girl: Beyond Sailor Moon
Sunday 8:35pm Days
Monday 6:10am Cheer Danshi!! (Cheer Boys!!)
Monday 11:25am Flip Flappers
Monday 11:30am From Laserdiscs to Online Streaming


Friday 5:00pm The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra
Friday 6:30pm Ink
Friday 9:00pm Ig Nobel Awards
Friday 10:10pm The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Saturday 12:10am Bubba Ho-Tep
Saturday 1:50am Sleepy Hollow
Saturday 3:40am Wizards
Saturday 5:30am Helvetica
Saturday 7:00am Classic Cartoons
Saturday 9:00am The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
Saturday 11:50am In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale
Saturday 2:00pm Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Saturday 3:50pm Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Saturday 5:30pm Serenity
Saturday 7:00pm Young Frankenstein
Saturday 8:50pm The Colour of Magic
Sunday 12:20am Logan’s Run
Sunday 2:20am Underworld
Sunday 5:10am The Magic Sword
Sunday 7:00am Classic Cartoons
Sunday 9:00am Spaceballs
Sunday 11:00am Going Postal
Sunday 2:10pm Howl’s Moving Castle
Sunday 4:40pm How to Train Your Dragon
Sunday 6:20pm Alice in Wonderland
Sunday 8:00pm Masquerade
Monday 12:00am The Middleman: Sanction
Monday 1:00am Masquerade Rerun
Monday 3:00am The Middleman: Accidental Occidental Conception
Monday 4:00am Serenity
Monday 6:10am The Middleman: The Sino-Mexican Revelation
Monday 7:00am Classic Cartoons
Monday 9:00am Star Wars (Episode IV—A New Hope)
Monday 11:10am The Producers

Art & Maker

Friday 5:30pm Making Amazing Things Fast and Cheap
Friday 8:30pm Teasecraft Kinky Maker Meetup: Meet & Greet
Friday 8:30pm Introductory Kumihimo
Friday 10:00pm Chainmail 101: European 4 in 1 Weave
Friday 11:30pm Midnight Maker Crafting Social
Saturday 10:00am Funding Your Muse
Saturday 11:30am Tools Of The Trade(s)
Saturday 2:30pm Brain Hacks For Artistic Effect
Saturday 4:00pm Tactile Tour of the Art Show
Saturday 5:30pm Block Printing
Saturday 7:00pm Manufacturing Creativity: Breaking Blocks
Saturday 8:30pm Chainmail 101: European 4 in 1 Weave
Saturday 8:30pm Materials Safety for the Artist
Saturday 10:00pm Intermediate Chainmail Workshop
Saturday 10:00pm Consulting & Contracting:How To Make (For) Money
Sunday 10:00am Monster Maker
Sunday 1:00pm The Art of Tarot
Sunday 2:30pm Photographing Costumes and Conventions
Sunday 2:30pm Chainmail 102: Byzantine Weave
Sunday 4:00pm Mechanical Design Basics
Sunday 4:00pm Drawing the Costumed Figure
Sunday 7:00pm Maker Collaboration: Is It Really Your Idea?
Sunday 8:30pm Stuff For Free: Dumpster Diving & Freecycle
Monday 10:00am Block Printing
Monday 11:30am How To Become A Cyborg
Monday 1:00pm Monster Maker
Monday 2:30pm Draw Heroes & Fatal Flaws in a Marvel Universe


Friday 7:00pm The Future of Digital Comics
Friday 8:30pm Archie Comics
Friday 10:00pm Homeschooled: A Homestuck Seminar
Saturday 10:00am Princesses, Soldiers and Knights—Shojo Manga
Saturday 1:00pm DC Comics v.6.5
Saturday 2:30pm “What’s Good Y’all?” YA & All-Ages Comics
Saturday 4:00pm Marvel & DC: Trends Like These
Saturday 5:30pm Celebrating Women and Nonbinary People in Comics
Saturday 7:00pm Everybody vs. Everyone II: Electric Boogaloo!
Saturday 8:30pm Beyond Spandex: Comics Sans Superheroes
Saturday 10:00pm Late Night Sexy Comics
Sunday 10:00am How To Make A Comic
Sunday 11:30am Over the Four Color Rainbow: Queer Comics
Sunday 1:00pm Comics Creator Meetup: Find A Collaborator!
Sunday 4:00pm Wonder Woman Conquers the World!
Sunday 4:00pm Comic Book and Graphic Novel Scripting
Sunday 5:30pm Art Schooled: Style in Comics
Sunday 7:00pm Sexuality and the Superheroine
Sunday 8:30pm The Wicked + The Divine
Monday 10:00am Revisiting the Underground
Monday 11:30am Strange Tales From Artist Alley
Monday 1:00pm International Comics!


Friday 7:00pm The Arisia Munch
Friday 7:00pm Geeky Parenting: Raising the Next Generation
Friday 8:30pm Proper Pronouns Matter
Friday 10:00pm Navigating Non-Monogamy
Friday 11:30pm Introduction to Kink
Saturday 10:00am Parents with Infants & Toddlers Meetup
Saturday 10:00am Bisexuality Basics
Saturday 11:30am Teen Unconference
Saturday 1:00pm Judaism’s Influence on SF/F
Saturday 1:00pm Mosaic—PoC & Ally Meet Up
Saturday 2:30pm Introduction to Asexuality
Saturday 2:30pm Omnifarious: Fans of Color Social & Safe Space
Saturday 4:00pm “Don’t Feed The Trolls” Doesn’t Work
Saturday 5:30pm Teen Unconference
Saturday 5:30pm Shame on Slut-Shaming
Saturday 7:00pm Feminism: What It Is, What It’s Not
Saturday 8:30pm Teen Unconference
Saturday 8:30pm Welcoming Social Justice Newbies
Saturday 10:00pm Teen Unconference
Saturday 10:00pm Polyamory Misconceptions
Saturday 11:30pm Teen Unconference
Saturday 11:30pm The Next Steps in BDSM
Sunday 9:30am Becoming Active Bystanders
Sunday 10:00am Polyamorous Parenting
Sunday 11:30am Addressing Sexual Harassment in Our Communities
Sunday 11:30am Tarot for Non-Believers
Sunday 1:00pm Relationship Basics
Sunday 2:30pm Consent in Practice
Sunday 2:30pm Physical Disability & Fandom Gathering
Sunday 4:00pm Gender Non-Binary Mixer & Safe Space
Sunday 4:00pm Teen Unconference
Sunday 5:30pm Practical Self Defense
Sunday 7:00pm Supporting Non-Binary Community
Sunday 8:30pm Teen Unconference
Sunday 8:30pm How to be Inclusive
Sunday 10:00pm Rope Basics
Sunday 10:00pm Let’s (Actually) Talk About Sex
Sunday 10:00pm Teen Unconference
Sunday 10:00pm Goth Turns 40!
Monday 10:00am Online Privacy for Kids
Monday 11:30am Genderqueer and Genderfluid Fen
Monday 1:00pm Teen Unconference
Monday 1:00pm Race and Identity Issues in SF

Con Tech

Friday 4:00pm Dance Hall Lights and Digital Sound
Friday 4:30pm Sound 101
Friday 5:00pm Video 101: Learn/Assist Shooting a Live TV Show
Friday 6:30pm Video 201: Advanced Live Television Production


Saturday 11:30am Convention Feedback
Sunday 2:30pm Arisia Corporate Meeting
Monday 2:30pm Convention Feedback


Friday 5:30pm Behind the Scenes: Running a Masquerade
Friday 7:00pm Using, Making, and Modifying Sewing Patterns
Friday 8:30pm Practical Considerations for Costumers
Friday 10:00pm Costuming Swap—Clothing, Accessory, & Props
Saturday 9:30am Masquerade Rehearsal
Saturday 10:00am Understanding Eras of Historic Dress
Saturday 10:00am Make Your Own Wings for Grown-ups
Saturday 11:30am Judging and Being Judged in Costume Contests
Saturday 1:00pm First Steps for New Costumers
Saturday 1:00pm Mini Hat Workshop
Saturday 2:30pm Costuming on a Budget
Saturday 4:00pm Gender-Variant Cosplay
Saturday 5:30pm Advanced Makeup Demo: Ageing Effects
Saturday 7:00pm Costume Recreation: Bringing 2D to Life
Saturday 8:30pm Learn From My Fail: Costume Horror Stories
Sunday 10:00am Northern Lights Costumers’ Guild Meet-up
Sunday 11:30am Prop Weapons for Costumers
Sunday 1:00pm Getting Into Character
Sunday 1:00pm Rouched Ribbon Flowers and Fabric Rosettes
Sunday 2:30pm Historical Accuracy in Costuming
Sunday 8:00pm Masquerade
Sunday 11:00pm Masquerade Awards
Monday 10:00am How Fabric Works
Monday 11:30am Masquerade Show and Tell
Monday 1:00pm Costume Rendering


Friday 8:00pm Swing Dance Lesson
Friday 8:30pm Swing Dance
Friday 11:00pm Browncoats Ball & Social Dance
Saturday 9:00am Belly Dance Class
Saturday 9:00am Leviwand Workshop
Saturday 11:30am Family Friendly Renaissance Dance
Saturday 3:00pm Waltz Class
Saturday 3:30pm Waltz Session
Saturday 4:30pm Renaissance Ball
Saturday 7:00pm Geeky Belly Dance
Saturday 7:30pm Techno Contra
Sunday 12:00am Timey Wimey Dance 2: Back to the Timey Wimey!
Sunday 1:00pm International Folk Dance
Sunday 3:00pm English Country Dance
Sunday 6:30pm Jules Verne in America Historical Dance
Sunday 8:30pm Contra Dance with Chimney Swift
Sunday 11:00pm Fusion Dance Lesson
Sunday 11:30pm Fusion Dance

Fan Interest

Friday 5:30pm Arisia First Night Social
Friday 5:30pm What is the Society for Creative Anachronism?
Friday 6:30pm Friday Night Yoga
Friday 7:00pm Introduction to Arisia
Friday 8:30pm On Shaming, Bullying, and Public Humiliation
Friday 9:00pm Films From Worldcon
Friday 10:00pm Mixology: Crafting the Perfect Cocktail
Friday 10:30pm Ship It Like FedExxx
Saturday 8:30am Morning Yoga: Salute to Sol
Saturday 9:30am Roman Legion
Saturday 10:00am Housekeeping for Nerds
Saturday 10:00am Armor Demonstration
Saturday 10:00am Walk the Labyrinth
Saturday 10:30am En Garde! SCA Rapier Fencing Demo
Saturday 11:30am Podcasting
Saturday 11:30am Gaslamp Assault of Arms
Saturday 12:30pm Fighting With Swords!
Saturday 1:00pm Bellydancing in Fandom
Saturday 2:30pm Time for Tea
Saturday 4:00pm Live From Arisia: Foxes in the Hen House
Saturday 4:00pm Fortune Telling Salon
Saturday 4:00pm Salem Zouaves: Civil War Musket & Bayonet Drill
Saturday 5:30pm Convention Running Tips
Saturday 7:00pm Powerful Personal Projects
Saturday 7:00pm Crackup: Comics & Comics at the Con
Saturday 8:30pm Musicals as Fantasy
Saturday 10:00pm Punk Turns 40
Saturday 10:30pm Wand Dueling with Harry Potter NYC
Saturday 10:30pm Light Sabers: Demo and Workshop
Sunday 12:30am Disney After Hours
Sunday 8:30am Sunday Morning Gentle Yoga
Sunday 10:00am NO, YOU Color In The Lines!—Adult Coloring
Sunday 10:30am Walk the Labyrinth
Sunday 11:30am Why Run a Fan Convention?
Sunday 12:00pm Button-Mashing Master Cuts: Swords & Video Games
Sunday 1:00pm Queering Up Canon
Sunday 3:00pm Swordswomen Through the Ages
Sunday 4:00pm How to Be a Fan of Problematic Things
Sunday 4:00pm The Cutting Truth of the Sword
Sunday 5:00pm Mindful Yoga: An Intro to Terrestrial Gravity
Sunday 5:30pm Live from Arisia: Bigger on the Inside
Sunday 5:30pm Yankee Swap: Tea & Sympathy
Sunday 5:30pm Raffle Drawing
Sunday 7:00pm Introduction to Puppetry
Sunday 8:30pm Scotch Whiskey
Monday 8:30am Strength & Alignment Vinyasa Yoga
Monday 10:00am Fanfiction: Where to Find It and What It Means
Monday 11:30am The Future of Transportation in Sci-Fi
Monday 1:00pm What Are Other Cons Like?
Monday 2:30pm Fan Etiquette: How Not to Be That Fan
Monday 2:30pm The Future of Work

Fast Track

Friday 5:30pm Open Play Time
Saturday 8:30am Geeky Play Date
Saturday 10:00am Make Your Own Wings
Saturday 10:00am Short Story Contest
Saturday 10:00am Braiding for Bracelets & Other Works of Art
Saturday 10:00am Princesses & Princes Playdate
Saturday 1:00pm An Introduction to Magic: The Gathering
Saturday 1:00pm Gimp Basics—Braiding with Plastic Lace
Saturday 1:00pm Paper Rocket War
Saturday 1:00pm Kamikaze Costuming
Saturday 1:00pm Swords of Chivalry 1
Saturday 1:00pm Fast Track Field Trip—Video Games
Saturday 2:30pm Science Experiments
Saturday 2:30pm Monsters in the Elevator
Saturday 2:30pm Little Homes
Saturday 2:30pm Learn a Bit of Karate
Saturday 2:30pm Dern Grim Bedtime Tales & Other Stories
Saturday 4:00pm Fun With Card Games
Saturday 4:00pm Cartooning & Comic Creating
Saturday 4:00pm Make Your Monster
Saturday 4:00pm Magic Show
Saturday 5:30pm NERF Gun War
Sunday 8:30am Geeky Play Date
Sunday 10:00am Pokemon Go Kids Meetup
Sunday 10:00am Mask Making
Sunday 10:00am Learn to Knit
Sunday 10:00am Improv Theater Games For Kids
Sunday 10:00am Swords of Chivalry 2
Sunday 10:00am Kids’ Tour of the Art Show
Sunday 1:00pm Collectible Card Games
Sunday 1:00pm Quilting Basics
Sunday 1:00pm Children’s Filk Concert
Sunday 1:00pm Fast Track Field Trip—Game Room
Sunday 2:30pm Duct Tape Roses
Sunday 2:30pm Spoon-A-Pults
Sunday 2:30pm Monsters in the Elevator 2
Sunday 2:30pm Kamikaze Costuming: Props & Accessories
Sunday 2:30pm I’ve Got All the Balls in the Air, Now What?
Sunday 4:00pm Papercraft Workshop
Sunday 4:00pm Mammoth Hunt
Sunday 4:00pm Intro to Spells for Young Witches and Wizards
Monday 8:30am Geeky Play Date
Monday 10:00am Learn to Crochet
Monday 10:00am What Do You Mean, 10 and Up?
Monday 10:00am Swords of Chivalry 3
Monday 10:00am Ursula Vernon: Fast Track Meet and Greet
Monday 11:30am Kids Crafts with Maker Parents
Monday 11:30am Pokemon TCG
Monday 11:30am Angry Birds
Monday 1:00pm Balloon Cars
Monday 1:00pm Fun with Legos
Monday 1:00pm Classic Playground Games

Film and Video

Friday 4:00pm The Prisoner: Arrival
Friday 5:00pm Daimajin
Friday 6:30pm Pumzi
Friday 7:00pm Westworld
Friday 9:15pm Silent Movie: The Crazy Ray
Friday 10:15pm Friday the 13th
Saturday 12:00am The Fighting Devil Dogs
Saturday 3:30am The Comedy of Terrors
Saturday 5:00am Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster
Saturday 6:45am Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Saturday 9:00am Zootopia
Saturday 11:00am Superman
Saturday 1:30pm The Prisoner: The Chimes of Big Ben
Saturday 2:30pm Return of Daimajin
Saturday 4:30pm Quest
Saturday 5:00pm You Only Live Twice
Saturday 7:00pm Deadpool
Saturday 9:00pm Young Frankenstein
Saturday 10:45pm Extra Bad Movie: Howard The Duck
Sunday 12:45am Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome
Sunday 2:45am Futurama: Bender’s Big Score
Sunday 4:15am Attack The Block
Sunday 5:45am The Ice Pirates
Sunday 7:30am Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory
Sunday 9:15am Kubo and the Two Strings
Sunday 11:00am Batman
Sunday 12:45pm Daimajin Strikes Again
Sunday 2:15pm The Prisoner: The Girl Who Was Death
Sunday 3:15pm Labyrinth
Sunday 5:00pm Flash Gordon
Sunday 7:00pm Captain America: Civil War
Sunday 9:30pm What We Do In Shadows
Sunday 11:00pm Dirty Movie: Flesh Gordon
Monday 12:30am Wizards
Monday 2:00am Spaceballs
Monday 3:45am Tron
Monday 5:30am The Year of Pluto
Monday 6:30am The Right Stuff
Monday 9:45am For The Love of Spock
Monday 11:45am The Prisoner: Fall Out
Monday 12:45pm Audience Choice


Friday 5:30pm Varied Expression of Gender in Games
Friday 7:00pm My First Indie Game, Start to Finish
Friday 8:30pm Emerging Trends in Game Technology
Saturday 10:00am Building Healthy Gaming Communities
Saturday 11:30am RPGs Old Enough to Run for Congress
Saturday 1:00pm Finding the Muse: Games as Art
Saturday 2:30pm The Stories People Play
Saturday 5:30pm Triforce of Decades: Zelda at 30
Saturday 7:00pm Keeping Long Tabletop Campaigns Interesting
Saturday 8:30pm The Games That Made Us
Sunday 10:00am Worst. Plan. Ever!
Sunday 11:30am 20 Years of Pokemon and Pokemon Go
Sunday 4:00pm The World is Our Playground: Geo Games
Sunday 5:30pm Writing a Great LARP
Monday 10:00am Bleed: Emotion in Roleplay and Larp
Monday 10:00am Arisia’s Home for Misfit Games: Board Game Swap
Monday 11:30am Dangerous Games: The Moral Panic Over D&D
Monday 11:30am Pokemon Go Meet Up
Monday 1:00pm Gaming with Disabilities


Friday 6:00pm Magic the Gathering: Kaladesh Booster Draft
Friday 7:00pm MoonQuake Escape
Friday 7:00pm Red Dragon Inn
Friday 7:00pm New World Magischola House Rivalry
Friday 7:00pm 504 (that’s the name of the game)
Friday 8:30pm MoonQuake Escape
Friday 10:00pm Introduction to Cosmic Encounter
Saturday 8:00am Monsters in the Elevator
Saturday 10:00am MoonQuake Escape
Saturday 10:00am Battle Merchants
Saturday 10:00am Castles of Mad King Ludwig
Saturday 10:00am New World Magischola House Rivalry
Saturday 10:00am UberCarcassonne
Saturday 11:00am Magic the Gathering: Kaladesh Sealed Deck
Saturday 11:30am Girls und Panzer Miniatures
Saturday 11:30am Lords of Waterdeep (Skullport & Undermountain)
Saturday 11:30am Kingmaker
Saturday 1:00pm Kodama
Saturday 1:00pm Space High School Apocalypse: The New Class
Saturday 2:30pm 504 (that’s the name of the game)
Saturday 4:00pm Charity Poker (for Gamers) Tournament
Saturday 4:00pm Red Dragon Inn: Battle for Greyport (Learn2Play)
Saturday 4:00pm King of Tokyo
Saturday 6:00pm Magic the Gathering: Kaladesh Booster Draft
Saturday 7:00pm New World Magischola House Rivalry
Sunday 8:00am Monsters in the Elevator
Sunday 10:00am New World Magischola House Rivalry
Sunday 10:00am Magic the Gathering: Mini-masters
Sunday 11:30am Girls und Panzer Miniatures
Sunday 1:00pm MoonQuake Escape
Sunday 1:00pm Concept
Sunday 1:00pm Vampires & Villagers: The Curse of Christoph
Sunday 1:00pm The Count of Cliù
Sunday 4:00pm Red Dragon Inn
Sunday 5:30pm Games w/Designers: Battleground Fantasy Warfare
Sunday 5:30pm New World Magischola House Rivalry
Sunday 7:00pm New Angeles
Sunday 8:30pm New World Magischola House Rivalry
Sunday 10:00pm Arkham Horror Night of Mayhem
Monday 8:00am Monsters in the Elevator
Monday 9:00am Magic the Gathering: Booster Draft
Monday 10:00am MoonQuake Escape
Monday 10:00am New World Magischola House Rivalry
Monday 10:00am CardFight!! Vanguard
Monday 11:30am New World Magischola House Rivalry
Monday 1:00pm Istanbul (with Mocha & Baksheesh expansion)
Monday 1:00pm 504 (that’s the name of the game)


Friday 8:00pm Vampire: The Masquerade (Mind’s Eye Society)
Friday 8:00pm Borderlands: Vault Hunters Wanted
Saturday 7:30pm Nexus Elements Session 1
Saturday 8:30pm NERF WAR: Colonial Marines vs. Xenos Part 1
Sunday 9:00am Realms LARP: Excursion to the Boundary Summit
Sunday 12:00pm A Wolf by Any Other Name (New World Magischola)
Sunday 6:00pm NERF WAR: Colonial Marines vs. Xenos Part 2
Sunday 8:30pm Immortal Politics
Sunday 10:30pm Nerf Gun War: Young at Heart
Monday 10:00am Nexus Elements Session 2

Gaming—Tabletop RPG

Friday 5:00pm True Dragons of Absalom (Pathfinder)
Friday 6:00pm Pathfinder Society
Friday 7:00pm Captives of Toil (Pathfinder)
Friday 7:00pm Treasure of the Broken Hoard (D&D 5E)
Friday 7:00pm To Dream in the House of Sorrows (D&D 3.5)
Friday 8:00pm Pathfinder Society
Friday 8:30pm Dawn of the Galaxiad Era 1 (Traveller 5)
Friday 8:30pm Roll The Dice
Saturday 8:30am The Sun Orchid Scheme (Pathfinder)
Saturday 9:00am Phantom Phenomena (Pathfinder)
Saturday 9:30am Faithless & Forgotten, Part 1 (Pathfinder)
Saturday 10:00am Phantom Phenomena (Pathfinder)
Saturday 10:00am Treasure of the Broken Hoard (D&D 5E)
Saturday 11:30am Scooby Who (Doctor Who Adventures)
Saturday 11:30am Space 1889: Red Sands (Savage Worlds)
Saturday 1:00pm Ancients’ Anguish (Pathfinder)
Saturday 1:30pm Among the Dead (Pathfinder)
Saturday 2:00pm Faithless & Forgotten, Part 2 (Pathfinder)
Saturday 2:30pm Magic: The Gathering Tabletop Campaign
Saturday 2:30pm Pathfinder Society Academy (Pathfinder)
Saturday 2:30pm Treasure of the Broken Hoard (D&D 5E)
Saturday 4:00pm Tree-teens in Oh-Land-Oh! (Gamma World d20)
Saturday 4:00pm There Is No Apocalypse: Quick Pacific Rim RPG
Saturday 4:00pm Card Masters (Fate Accelerated)
Saturday 5:30pm Call of Cathulu (Pathfinder)
Saturday 6:00pm The Infernal Vault (Pathfinder)
Saturday 6:30pm Faithless & Forgotten, Part 3 (Pathfinder)
Saturday 7:00pm Mecha vs Kaiju: The Sake Expert
Saturday 7:00pm Dawn of the Galaxiad Era 2 (Traveller 5)
Saturday 7:00pm Tome of Righteous Repose (Pathfinder)
Saturday 7:00pm Treasure of the Broken Hoard (D&D 5E)
Saturday 7:00pm Roll the Dice
Saturday 8:30pm A World of Darkness (AD&D)
Saturday 8:30pm My Little Pony TOON
Sunday 8:30am Hall of the Flesh Eaters (Pathfinder)
Sunday 9:00am Quest for Perfection, Part 1 (Pathfinder)
Sunday 9:30am Fabric of Reality (Pathfinder)
Sunday 10:00am Savage Worlds: Children of the Apocalypse
Sunday 10:00am Hall of the Flesh Eaters (Pathfinder)
Sunday 10:00am Treasure of the Broken Hoard (D&D 5E)
Sunday 11:30am Dungeonton Abbey (D&D 5e)
Sunday 11:30am Ace Adventure & Flying Royal Flush (Fate Acc.)
Sunday 11:30am Roll The Dice
Sunday 1:00pm Labyrinth of Hungry Ghosts (Pathfinder)
Sunday 1:30pm Quest for Perfection, Part 2 (Pathfinder)
Sunday 2:00pm Day of the Demon (Pathfinder)
Sunday 2:30pm Biological Unit #14–31 (Paranoia RPG)
Sunday 2:30pm Pathfinder Society Academy (Pathfinder)
Sunday 2:30pm Treasure of the Broken Hoard (D&D 5E)
Sunday 2:30pm Tree-teens in Oh-Land-Oh! (Gamma World d20)
Sunday 5:30pm Call of Cathulu (Pathfinder)
Sunday 5:30pm My Little Pony TOON
Sunday 6:00pm Quest for Perfection, Part 3 (Pathfinder)
Sunday 6:30pm You Have What You Hold (Pathfinder)
Sunday 7:00pm Orders from the Gate (Pathfinder)
Sunday 7:00pm Treasure of the Broken Hoard (D&D 5E)
Sunday 8:30pm World of Darkness (Storyteller System)
Monday 8:30am Pathfinder Society
Monday 9:00am Serpents Rise (Pathfinder)
Monday 9:30am Ungrounded But Unbroken (Pathfinder)
Monday 10:00am Pathfinder Society
Monday 10:00am Treasure of the Broken Hoard (D&D 5E)
Monday 11:30am Roll The Dice


Friday 5:30pm Video Gaming Open Free Play
Friday 7:00pm Tetris vs Tournament
Friday 9:00pm Video Game Room Open Free Play
Friday 10:00pm Jackbox Vol 1–3 Freeplay
Saturday 10:00am Video Gaming Room Free Play
Saturday 11:00am Rock Band 4 Rivals Free Play All Day
Saturday 1:00pm Super Smash Bros Wii U Tournament
Saturday 3:00pm 3DS Street Pass Meetup
Saturday 3:00pm Pokemon Sun and Moon Tournament
Saturday 5:00pm Rocket League 2v2 Tournament
Saturday 7:00pm Super Mario Bros Speed Run Tournament
Saturday 9:00pm Video Gaming Open Free Play
Saturday 10:00pm Jackbox Vol 1–3 Freeplay
Sunday 10:00am Video Gaming Open Free Play
Sunday 11:00am Rock Band 4 Rivals Free Play All Day!
Sunday 1:00pm Mario Kart Wii U Tournament
Sunday 3:00pm Nidhogg Tournament
Sunday 3:00pm 3DS Street Pass Meetup
Sunday 5:00pm Street Fighter V Tournament
Sunday 7:00pm WWE 2K17 Extreme Rules Tournament XBOX One
Sunday 9:00pm Video Gaming Room Open Free Play
Sunday 10:00pm Jackbox Vol 1–3 Freeplay
Monday 10:00am Video Gaming Open Free Play

Guests of Honor

Saturday 1:00pm Artist Guest of Honor Demo
Saturday 2:00pm Kevin & Ursula Eat Cheap in Boston
Saturday 4:00pm The Art of Stephanie Law
Sunday 10:00am Fun and Games With Greykell
Sunday 1:00pm Ursula Vernon Reads Things and Answers Questions
Sunday 2:30pm Krypton Radio
Sunday 5:30pm Ursula Vernon Book Signing
Monday 1:00pm Through the Lens of Arisia: An Arisia Recap


Friday 5:30pm What Are the New Questions SFF Should be Asking
Friday 7:00pm The Alien in the Alien
Friday 8:30pm Poor, Unfortunate Souls—Villainous Perspective
Friday 10:00pm Pounding the Works of Chuck Tingle
Saturday 10:00am Fashionpunk
Saturday 11:30am Heard the Dice Hit the Table: Games as Fiction
Saturday 1:00pm In Praise of Unlikeable Characters
Saturday 2:30pm Disability in Speculative Fiction
Saturday 4:00pm Subversive SFF for Kids
Saturday 4:00pm Broken Earth: Writing SF from Societal Trauma
Saturday 5:30pm Expecto Patronum: Animal Symbolism in SFF
Saturday 7:00pm Another Look at the Bad Old Days
Saturday 7:00pm Latinx SFF
Saturday 8:30pm LGBTQ SF/F/H Authors You Should be Reading
Sunday 10:00am Well-Behaved Women Rarely Make Fantasy
Sunday 11:30am Is Optimism Just Nostalgia in Disguise?
Sunday 1:00pm The 100 Year Old Barbed Wire: The Great War & SF
Sunday 2:30pm Speculative Poetry Slam
Sunday 4:00pm Portal Fantasy: Are We Still Going Through?
Sunday 5:30pm Every Panel is Halloween
Sunday 7:00pm Beyond Physics: Many Sciences of Science Fiction
Sunday 7:00pm Reading the Hugos
Sunday 8:30pm The Shapeshifter’s Pronouns
Monday 10:00am The Uncomfortable Genre
Monday 11:30am Another World, Another Time: Untapped Fantasy
Monday 1:00pm Telepathic Comfort Horses and Stranger Things
Monday 1:00pm Short Sharp Shocks


Friday 5:30pm DC Movie Universe: Crisis on Infinite Screens
Friday 7:00pm Ghostbusters as a Creatively Successful Reboot
Friday 8:30pm DC on TV: The BerlantiVerse
Friday 10:00pm State of the Slasher
Saturday 10:00am Steven Universe: We’ll Always Find a Way
Saturday 11:30am Hold the Door: Game of Thrones Season 6 and More
Saturday 11:30am Boston Whovians Meetup
Saturday 1:00pm Highlander: The Series, Twenty-Five Years Later
Saturday 1:00pm Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth
Saturday 2:30pm Marvel Cinematic and TV Universe, 2016 Edition
Saturday 2:30pm Cursed Child, Fantastic Beasts: Harry Potter ’16
Saturday 4:00pm Night Vale 2017
Saturday 5:30pm Curmudgeon Panel 3: Season of the Curmudgeon!
Saturday 7:00pm Person of Interest Retrospective
Saturday 8:30pm The Prisoner at 50: Be Seeing You
Sunday 10:00am Moana: Disney’s Latest
Sunday 11:30am The Strange, Compelling World of Bojack Horseman
Sunday 1:00pm TV Year in Review
Sunday 2:30pm Movie Year in Review
Sunday 4:00pm Star Trek 2017: Beyond and Discovery
Sunday 5:30pm Preacher: Gone to Texas (and TV)
Sunday 5:30pm Mad Max & Melissa McCarthy—Genre Film Feminism
Sunday 7:00pm Star Wars, 2017 Edition: Rogue One and More
Sunday 8:30pm Remembering Carrie Fisher
Sunday 8:30pm Stranger Things and ’80s Flashbacks
Monday 10:00am Remembering Gene Wilder
Monday 11:30am Vertigo on TV: iZombie and Lucifer


Friday 4:00pm European & American Tunes
Friday 6:00pm Renaissance Music
Friday 6:00pm King’s Busketeers
Friday 7:00pm Instrumental Slow Jam
Friday 8:30pm Sing-along: Instrument-Friendly Classic Songs
Friday 10:00pm Open Jam: Blues/Rock/Trad
Friday 10:00pm Open Singing
Friday 10:00pm Minusworld Band
Friday 11:00pm Drum & Dance
Friday 11:30pm Singing into the Night
Saturday 10:00am Hindi-Based Devotional Chants
Saturday 10:00am Anglo/American Tunes and Dances
Saturday 11:30am Eastern European, Balkan, and Klezmer Tunes
Saturday 11:30am The Strong Sound
Saturday 11:30am Celtic/Quebecois/etc. Tunes
Saturday 11:30am Dave Weingart and Glen Raphael
Saturday 1:00pm Renaissance Music
Saturday 1:00pm Chantey Sing
Saturday 2:30pm The King’s Busketeers and Friends
Saturday 2:30pm Balkan and Klezmer Tunes
Saturday 4:00pm Diabolis in Musica
Saturday 4:00pm Open Mic Featuring Gwendolyn Grace
Saturday 5:30pm Open Jam: Folk Music Old and New
Saturday 5:30pm Traditional Ballad Bingo
Saturday 7:00pm Rounds and Other Voice Braidings
Saturday 8:30pm Folk/Blues/Rock Tunes
Saturday 8:30pm Songs of Rudyard Kipling
Saturday 8:30pm Luna’s Dark Fantasy Cello
Saturday 9:00pm Murder Ballads
Saturday 10:00pm Open Jam: Klezmer/Balkan/etc.
Saturday 10:00pm Open Singing
Saturday 10:00pm Bawdy Songs
Saturday 11:30pm Singing into the Night
Sunday 10:00am Renaissance Music
Sunday 10:00am Rousing Chorus Songs
Sunday 10:00am Anglo/American Tunes and Dances
Sunday 11:30am Singing in the Pool
Sunday 11:30am The King’s Busketeers and Friends
Sunday 1:00pm Sing-along: Musicals and Show Tunes
Sunday 2:00pm Diabolis in Musica
Sunday 2:30pm Luna’s Dark Fantasy Cello
Sunday 2:30pm Sing-along: Best of Filk—Old and New
Sunday 2:30pm Celtic/Quebecois/etc. Tunes
Sunday 4:00pm Doom, Gloom, and Despondency
Sunday 4:00pm Eastern European, Balkan, and Klezmer Tunes
Sunday 7:00pm The Centered Breath
Sunday 7:00pm SCA Bardic Circle
Sunday 8:30pm Hands-on (or Hands-off) Theremin Workshop
Sunday 8:30pm Songs of Science
Sunday 8:30pm Folk/Blues/Rock Tunes
Sunday 10:00pm Sing-along: Hamilton Songs
Sunday 10:00pm Open Jam with Diabolis
Sunday 10:00pm Open Singing
Sunday 11:30pm Singing into the Night
Monday 11:30am Trad Tunes on Accordion
Monday 1:00pm Good Story Songs
Monday 1:00pm European & American Tunes
Monday 2:30pm Dead Dog Open Filk


Friday 7:00pm Hairston, Kimmel, Vazquez
Friday 8:30pm Gilman, Schneyer
Friday 10:00pm Linzner, Queeno, Wu
Friday 11:30pm Cecilia Tan
Saturday 10:00am Doyle, MacDonald, Ronald
Saturday 11:30am Janssen, Silverman, Taaffe
Sunday 7:00pm Broad Universe Rapid-Fire Reading
Sunday 8:30pm Arthen, Chipman, Odasso


Friday 7:00pm This is How It Ends: Risks to Our Civilization
Friday 8:30pm Extinct No More
Friday 9:00pm Dramatic Readings from the Ig Nobel Prizes
Saturday 10:00am The Intersection of Art and Science
Saturday 11:30am What We Know from Juno
Saturday 1:00pm The Year in Bad Science—2016
Saturday 2:30pm The Year in Science—2016
Saturday 4:00pm Just the Facts: GMOs
Saturday 5:30pm The Near Future of Genetic Manipulation
Saturday 7:00pm Basic Birding
Saturday 8:30pm Just the Facts: Vaccines
Sunday 10:00am Adults, Couples, and Coworkers on the Spectrum
Sunday 11:30am Evolution Doesn’t Work That Way
Sunday 1:00pm Foodcraft: How Science Can Reinvent Your Kitchen
Sunday 2:30pm Psychopharmaceuticals
Sunday 5:30pm The Future of Transportation
Sunday 7:00pm Fermentation: It’s Not Just For Alcohol
Sunday 8:30pm Going Viral: How Pathogens Spread
Sunday 10:00pm Linguistics & SF: The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly
Monday 10:00am Routing Around Cognitive Biases
Monday 11:30am Just the Facts: Abundance!
Monday 2:30pm Sex is Misunderstood: The Gender Binary


Friday 7:30pm Mrs. Hawking, Part II: Vivat Regina
Saturday 12:00am Rocky Horror—Shiver with Antici...pation
Saturday 10:00am Tales From the Kalevala
Saturday 4:00pm Mrs. Hawking, Part III: Base Instruments
Saturday 4:30pm Princess Bride—Shadowcast Performance
Saturday 10:00pm PMRP: The Naked Time
Sunday 12:00am Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog
Sunday 1:30am Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Once More With Feeling
Sunday 12:00pm Mrs. Hawking, Part III: Base Instruments
Sunday 3:30pm Cage of Light: Stage Play Reading
Sunday 9:30pm Puppetry Slam


Friday 7:00pm Thrillers—Write Gripping, Fast-Paced Stories
Friday 7:00pm Radio Acting Workshop
Friday 8:30pm What Lies Beneath: Adding Subtext to Your Story
Friday 10:00pm How To Use Real Science In Your SciFantasy Story
Saturday 8:30am Marketing Your Book in a Digital Age
Saturday 10:00am Crafting Memorable Worlds
Saturday 11:30am Self-Publishing 101: Become an Authorpreneur
Saturday 11:30am Visual Storytelling For Prose
Saturday 1:00pm Ask an Author: How Can I Improve My Writing?
Saturday 2:30pm Capture An Audience with Your Voice, Your Words
Saturday 2:30pm Writing Swordfights and Hand-to-Hand Combat
Saturday 4:00pm Writing and Tarot
Saturday 4:00pm Writing YA Fiction Teens Will Actually Read
Saturday 5:30pm Story Architecture: How to Plot Your Story
Saturday 7:00pm He Said, She Said: How to Write Snappy Dialogue
Saturday 8:30pm Shoot Your Novel! Screenwriting for Storytellers
Saturday 10:00pm Pitch Mania! A Competition For Your Story
Saturday 10:00pm DeCandido, Palmer, Smith
Saturday 11:30pm How to Write Hot Sex Scenes
Sunday 10:00am How to Self-Edit That Steaming Hot Pile of Crap
Sunday 11:30am Using ‘High Concept’ to Plot Marketable Stories
Sunday 11:30am Taking the Terror Out of Reading Your Work Aloud
Sunday 1:00pm Pew-Pew-Pew! How to Write a Sci-Fantasy Gunfight
Sunday 2:30pm How to Design an Eye-Catching Book Cover
Sunday 4:00pm How to Write Diverse Characters
Sunday 5:30pm Writing High Fantasy: Perception vs. Reality
Sunday 7:00pm Grounding Your Audience in a Sensory World
Sunday 8:30pm Writing a Worthy Adversary
Sunday 10:00pm “Hi, I’m Jane Doe and I Write Fanfiction...”
Monday 10:00am Imaginary Friends: Crafting Memorable Characters
Monday 11:30am Using Story Forge & Tarot for Story Plotting
Monday 11:30am Build a Home Podcast/Audiobook Recording Studio
Monday 2:30pm S#!ts and Giggles: How to Add Comedy to a Story